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  • Yuhu Village Naxi Ethnic Village

    Yuhu Village Lijiang Yunnan
    The small Naxi village of Yuhu is one of the few remaining at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain villages. In this exceptional setting, residents of Yuhu live peacefully. Organized hiking from the village will take visitors to the deep countryside.

    Village of Naxi Culture?

    The Yuhu Naxi minority village is one of the few traditional villages at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Located 15 km away from Lijiang, this small village can reflect the culture and traditions of its people. Here the houses are built with processed stone and mud locally called monkey head. The street is bordered by house gates carved with simplicity. Everything here reveals the peaceful and original life of the Naxi people. The open-minded Naxi people will happily welcome foreigners to their village.

    Hiking in the Village

    Located at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the Yuhu village is ideal for hiking or riding on horseback. It is possible to go to the Yuhu pond where the view on the mountain is extraordinary. Also, several hiking trails lead visitors into the mountains. Some visitor may have the chance of coming across the animal or plant species identified by the famous anthropologist and botanist Joseph Rock.

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    • Altitude

      2 416M Altitude Yuhu Village
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