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  • Pingyao Ancient City return to the Ming and Qing dynasties

    Pingyao Ancient City Jinzhong Shanxi
    Pingyao is a small walled city that has retained its charm, as it has been miraculously spared by the new modern buildings. This Chinese ancient city of 14th century with its ramparts and its former “Wall-Street” is also a World Heritage Site listed by UNESCO in 1997.

    A Best-preserved Ancient City in China

    Located near Taiyuan, Pingyao is a small traditional county of Han nationality. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the banks made their first appearance in the country and Pingyao became the financial center of the whole China; thus, the area became noted for being rich and prosperous. At the fall of the Qing Dynasty, the financial center was moved to the coast and Pingyao was then abandoned.? It was not affected by the bulldozers and, therefore, retains its typical charm of Han villages in northern China. There are even the courtyard houses of the 14th century, which are traditional courtyard houses and highlight Han lifestyles in the city. This is also one of the four traditional best-preserved towns across China. It is therefore normal that it is a World Heritage Site.

    A Walled City?

    In the first century BC, this small county was already protected by earthen ramparts. Then the city has since grown but, in 1370, it was again fortified with a defensive wall of bricks that still surrounds the city today. In some places of the outer wall, it is still possible to see the marks left by the shots fired by the Japanese invaders.

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