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  • Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park of nine Tibetan villages

    Jiuzhaigou Valley Aba Sichuan
    Jiuzhaigou Valley is a natural gem that is unmatched worldwide. This alliance of virgin forests, turquoise lakes and fantastic waterfalls is wonderful. No words can describe the perfectly enchanting scenery of Jiuzhaigou. It is best to admire the magical world by yourself.

    National Natural Reserve?

    400 km away from Chengdu, in a steep region of Sichuan, you will love the magical Jiuzhaigou Valley. Gathering all that nature could create, it is a natural paradise on earth. These three valleys form a letter “Y” include waterfalls, lakes, glaciers, forests and even some Tibetan villages. Moreover, Due to these villages that comes from the name of the valley. Indeed, Jiuzhaigou Valley exactly means nine villages in the valley. The 108 turquoise lakes are said to be the work of a goddess whose mirror was broken and the fragments fell to earth, had shaped the lakes.
    Wherever one looks, it is only enchanting landscape where animals have taken up residence. This is the habitat for many rare species such as the giant panda, Sichuan Takin or the golden monkey or snub-nosed monkeys. Regardless of any season, valleys offer different and unique landscapes. Each season has its own color but often advise to go there in October, the fall colors cover the forest.

    Turquoise Lakes in Jiuzhaigou Valley?

    The largest of the lakes, Changhai is more than 3100 meters long. This blue lake is surrounded by snow-capped peaks reflected in its calm water. The lake blends into the greenery perfectly.
    The color on the Five Color Lake is more skilled. The gradient of blue water from the shore to the middle of the lake is really unique, especially under sunlight. Aquatic plants enhance the beauty of the landscape and the water of the lake is transparent.
    In the Rize valley, lakes almost all linked together in a row. Five Flower Lake is one of the most beautiful sites of Jiuzhaigou. The surrounding hills, covered with different species, highlight the beauty of crystal clear lake. This beautiful lake is surrounded by other majestic lakes above and below itself, especially the panda and arrow bamboo lakes where trees with limestone cover the bottom, below, peacock and golden bell lakes continue to create a magical world. Swan Lake is where leaves of red maples are reflected in autumn.
    In the lower part of Jiuzhaigou, another multitude of lakes delights the eyes to the vistors. The clear waters in this verdant setting are unparalleled, especially in Lake Rhino where the color of the water is changing. Almost at the crossroads of three valleys is the Mirror Lake.?

    Waterfalls in Jiuzhaigou?

    South of the Rize Valley is an impressive waterfall, the Pearl Beach Waterfall. Some consider it as the most fantastic waterfall in Jiuzhaigou, rapids rushing through millennia ravines.
    At the crossroads of three valleys is Nuorilang Waterfall. Even more impressive, this waterfall tumbles over a cliff over 100 meters in length while being bordered by weeping willows. The contrast between the tumult of waters and the serenity of trees is divine.

    Primary Forest in Jiuzhaigou?

    Although forest landscapes are the main sights of Jiuzhaigou, a place well worth the ride, this is the primary forest, at the end of Rize Valley. This virgin forest still surprises with its ageless beauty.

    Tibetan Villages in Jiuzhaigou?

    ?The valley is dotted with several Tibetan villages that have kept the language and traditions. The best preserved of these villages is the Shuzheng in the first Shuzheng Valley. This small village contains some stupas that blend perfectly into the natural setting of the place.
    For hikers who prefer to stay longer in Jiuzhaigou and especially to avoid the electric minibus, it is possible to be overnight in a small Tibetan village and therefore no need to repay the entrance fee. But, if you want to visit all of the valleys, you have to walk 100 km; the minibus is still the most suitable solution. It stops at each lake, waterfall, and village.

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    • Altitude

      2 930M Altitude Jiuzhaigou Valley
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