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  • Practical Travel Information in China

    You want to go with us but do not have a clear idea of which amazing location you would like to visit and which route you would like to take? We will inform you every step from first contact until your return to your home country and beyond.

    • Practical Travel Information before the China trip Info. Before…

      How to travel with China Escapade, Reservations, Visa, Flights, Suitcase Preparation, Insurance, Climate, Health, etc.

      Info before the trip

      As the day of departure approaches, your itinerary is organized but there is still so much to resolve! Do not worry, as we are here to guide you step by step through your preparations.

      With our explanations, paperwork, flight information, and even notes on any essentials to place into your suitcase ... nothing will be secret for you.

    • Practical Travel Information during the China trip During…

      Contact, Itinerary Modification, Meal, Etiquette, Schedule, etc.

      Info during the trip

      Upon arrival on Chinese territory, you will be immersed in a world where Western cultural norms are no longer present. To integrate into the local population and avoid embarrassment, check with your guide who will know how to react in case of any problems. Here are some tips to apply on site.

    • Practical Travel Information after the China trip After the trip

      Feedback, Continue to follow us, Sponsorship, etc.

      Info after the trip

      You are back home and start to quietly resume the normal course of your life? Why not continue to dream a little and stay connected with us? It might even bring you benefits...

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