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  • Privacy Policy

    Once you book our services, we will clearly let you know how we're using your information and the ways we protect your privacy.


    Payments can be made to China Escapade in one of two simple and?secure ways.

    The first is a bank transfer, which does not include any online transaction. This transaction takes place from one bank to another, which ensures 100%?security.

    The second way is to place a payment via the secure PayPal system. It does not provide us or any vendor with your bank details as a means of?preventing?fraud. PayPal also enables its users to be refunded in full. However,you should cover?the service charge which is equal to 4% of your total amount while you pay via PayPal?

    For more information about?PayPal, please visit PayPal.

    Your confidential information

    As your personal information is of great importance, we perform numerous measures to ensure that it remains confidential.

    We need your accurate information to make all bookings and usually we will talk with you for the following things:

    • A copy of your passport with name, age, passport number and expiration date are essential in our efforts.
    • Your phone number and e-mail address are our only ways to get in touch with you. This information is needed so that we can send you a quote or confirm your trip.
    • If you choose to place a payment, we require your credit card details.?We will not store any trace of such information at the end of the transaction.
    • Your IP address may be recorded for internal statistical purposes and we use cookies to track the pages on our site that are most visited.

    None of the data that you have provided us in the quote request placed through our website, via e-mail or any other means will not be disclosed. We will not trade any customer's information or their confidential files without your authorization.

    China Escapade agrees to do its best to fully satisfy each customer while attempting to provide the best possible protection of your privacy.

    Your commitments

    The whole of this website is the property of China Escapade. As soon as you access and use this site as its intent, you have read and accepted Terms of Sale and Payment. Our agency is based in Hangzhou,China; therefore, you also agree to adhere to the rules and laws in China.

    Access to our site may only be for strictly personal reasons. So you agree to neither attempt to use it for any commercial use nor copy our information. The use or copying of any or all of the site's content for commercial purposes is totally illegal.

    If you are traveling with China Escapade, you might be?photographed or filmed by one of our agents. In this situation, we reserve the right to use such media and records for commercial or promotional purposes.

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