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Bringing life to culture, and culture to life! For more than 1.5 years our focus has been to provide the most authentic in cultural experiences while staying away from the common activities and attractions. We believe that culture is best absorbed through experience: those who visit with us become monks for a week, craft items of tradition with their own hands, and immerse themselves in environments rich with Chinese cultural heritage. Every month the team delivers unique opportunities - doorways to discover the crafts that artisans of this ancient land have been perfecting for thousands of years; windows to the spirit they embody. In addition to monthly events China Escapade?also organizes custom private experiences for visitors of all types, from the solo traveller to families and business partners. Book your next experience in China with us!

Core Members of China Escapade

Jason Ling
Director of Englishig-Speaking Market
Founder of China Escapade

Yang Sun
Director of Chine Escapade?
Co-founder of Chine?Escapade

Jessica Pin
Sales Manager of French-speaking Market

Doron Lee
Editor of China Escapade

Xiaodong Wu
Travel Consultant of China Escapade

Qian Yu
Tour Operator of China Escapade

Lingfan Shen
Travel Consultant of China Escapade

Violetta YU
Tour Operator of China Escapade

Our Life

Hangout in a weekend

Yang with customers in Hangzhou

Jessica in Tiger Leaping Gorge Yunnan

Jason with customers in Beijing

Hangzhou West Lake Parade

Dragon Boat Race Hangzhou

We are in Santa Barbara, USA

Dragon Boat Festival Hangzhou

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