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  • Lijiang tours

    On a Lijiang trip, you'll have the experience of meeting and interacting with the Naxi ethnic group there. Immerse yourself in the narrow alleys of the old city listed in the UNESCO, make a trek in the region through the Tiger Leaping Gorge, or ride the old Tea and Horse Road. With the natural scenery of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the background, watch the show of Impression Lijiang, a representation of the local ethnic culture.

    Region tours include Lijiang

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    9-day tour to Shangri-la,Lijiang and Lugu Lake

    In This 9-day tour to the northern Yunnan, the old town of Lijiang, the amazing Lugu Lake and the ancient Tea and Horse route….all of these are ripe for exploration. a stop at the Tiger Leaping Gorge for a couple of hours' trekking is highly recommended before venturing into the little Tibet Shangri-la.


    Duration : 9 days From $1,000 Details »

    13-day inside the traditional Yunnan

    For a deep exploration in China, a trip to Yunnan is the best choice. In Kunming, visit the villages in the north while appreciating typical architecture of ethnic minorities in the region, all in stunning natural settings. The sky is reflected in the fields of rice terraces of Yuanyang and the Zhu family's garden has been at Jianshui for thousands of years as the unique heritage.


    Duration : 13 days From $1,550 Details »

    China trips include Lijiang

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    16-day Off The Beaten Path Summer Getaway

    This 16-day tour offers the opportunity to learn the culture and traditions of the ethnic groups living in Xining,Gannan and Yunnan. Moreover, it would be delightful to travel in the Mongolian steppes on horseback, admire the Kubuqi desert by camel or visit the splendid monasteries and lamaseries in Inner Mongolia.

    Duration : 16 days From $2,395 Details »

    20-day Grand China Tour

    For a grand China tour, most of the trendy destinations in China are included. You will be fascinated by the natural and cultural beauty of Guilin, Kunming, Lijiang, Dali, Beijing, Xian and Datong.

    Duration : 20 days From $4,154 Details »

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