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  • Xinjiang tours

    Xinjiang tours

    It will take more than a week to see all the sites here in Xinjiang. During a trip on this mythical road, you will discover ruined cities, Buddhist treasures and artifacts of ancient civilizations. If you want to explore from south to north, a one to two week minimum tour should be taken. In northern Xinjiang, you can enjoy the coolness of the mountains for a summer vacation.

    Xinjiang Region Tours

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    9-day tour of Xinjiang Natural Wonders

    During this 9 days Xinjiang escapade, explore the natural wonders of northern Xinjiang. The natural scenery of this remote province will surprise you by its variety: Sacred Lakes surrounded by snow-capped peaks and verdant slopes, desert steppes, colorful rocks,... and the ethnic groups that still live there as nomads. The beauty of the Desert Oasis will be quite impressive.

    Duration : 10 days From $2,315 Details »

    China trips include Xinjiang

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    21-day Silk Road expedition

    For the Silk Road tour, the starting point is Xian and we will visit Tianshui, Lanzhou, Linxia, Zhangye, Jiayuguan, Dunhuang, Urumqi, Turpan, Hotan, and Kashgar along the way. Discover natural and cultural beauty along the Silk Road.

    Duration : 21 days From $3,941 Details »

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