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  • Hotels, Inns and B&Bs in Popular Destinations of China

    • Popular Tourist Cities

    • Popular Tourist Regions

    • Anhui

      Yellow Mountain closes to Shanghai

    • Fujian

      Mysterious fortresses of the Hakka people

    • Gansu

      Ruins and fortress on the Silk Road

    • Guangdong

    • Guangxi

      The most beautiful karst landscapes in China

    • Guizhou

      Colorful minorities in remote China

    • Inner Mongolia

      Grasslands and nomads

    • Jiangsu

      Water towns and classical gardens

    • Shaanxi

      site of the first empire of China

    • Shanxi

      Ancient buildings and stunning landscapes

    • Sichuan

      Spicy food and the habitat of giant pandas

    • Three Gorges

      Three Gorges of Yangtze River

    • Tibet

      World's roof, the land of snow, lamas and yaks

    • Xinjiang

      Silk Road on Muslim land

    • Yunnan

      Rich minorities and amazing landscapes

    • Zhejiang

      A developed region abundant in silk and tea