Travel guides for popular destinations of China

By reading these below travel guides for the popular destinations of China, you will find out where to visit for your trip to China.

  • Popular Tourist Cities

  • Popular Tourist Regions

  • AnhuiAnhui

    Yellow Mountain closes to Shanghai

  • FujianFujian

    Mysterious fortresses of the Hakka people

  • GansuGansu

    Ruins and fortress on the Silk Road

  • GuangxiGuangxi

    The most beautiful karst landscapes in China

  • GuizhouGuizhou

    Colorful minorities in remote China

  • HenanHenan

    The cradle of Chinese civilization and ancient capitals

  • Hong Kong RegionHong Kong Region

    Two different cities

  • Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia

    Grasslands and nomads

  • JiangsuJiangsu

    Water towns and classical gardens

  • QinghaiQinghai

    Emerald lake and prayer flags under the rainbow

  • ShandongShandong

    The cradle of Chinese critical thought at the foot of the Imperial Mountain

  • Shanghai RegionShanghai Region

    miracle of Chinese growth

  • ShanxiShanxi

    Ancient buildings and stunning landscapes

  • SichuanSichuan

    Spicy food and the habitat of giant pandas

  • Three GorgesThree Gorges

    Three Gorges of Yangtze River

  • TibetTibet

    World's roof, the land of snow, lamas and yaks

  • XinjiangXinjiang

    Silk Road on Muslim land

  • Yangtze DeltaYangtze Delta

    Between modernity and tradition

  • YunnanYunnan

    Rich minorities and amazing landscapes

  • ZhejiangZhejiang

    A developed region abundant in silk and tea